Momentum is a Zagreb based company providing translation and localization services.

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About us

Momentum is a Zagreb based company that provides the services of translation and localization from English into Croatian and vice versa. We translate all types of texts, including specialized texts from various fields, such as medicine, law, economics, marketing, IT, etc. We also localize manuals, software and websites.

Because we want to ensure the highest possible level of quality, we only collaborate with translators who hold a university degree and have extensive experience in translation. Our translators use a variety of computer-aided translation tools, which helps us ensure complete terminological and stylistic consistency.

Since translations vary greatly in terms of content and characteristics of the source text, as well as the purpose of the target text, we pay special attention to the specific requirements of each client.

Why choose Momentum

If you are looking for experienced language professionals who make use of state-of-the-art tools and who can always guarantee dependable quality and confidentiality, Momentum is the right choice for you!


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MOMENTUM company for translation services, owner Suzana Bašić
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